Ruby Ridge

If you really want to understand what happened at Ruby Ridge to the Weavers, 8-12 hours of reading will give you much more information than a 90 minute movie.  And with full details, it is harder for someone to "spin" some part of the story.  The author of this website has read four books on the subject, and seen most of the videos produced.  The truth becomes clear.  The sequence becomes clear.

The Weavers didn't want to bother anyone, hurt anyone, even be bothered by anyone.  They tried to move as far out of harm's way as they could.  But the FBI and ATF had written top priorities, a contest to catch as many anti-Semitic people as possible.  Back then the laws didn't allow them to join religious groups, they needed informants. (Now they can join)   And none volunteered... so they entrapped people, and then blackmailed them into being informants.  They gave Randy Weaver a shotgun and asked him to saw it off, for money.  He did -- bad decision.  

Except Randy didn't play along.  He wouldn't become an informant.  So they went about murdering his family.  And every time they screwed up, they lied and covered up.  It is one of the classic cases of the ATF pretending to be big time Gang-Busters, screwing up, and calling the FBI to rescue them.  Happened next at Waco.

This  is one of the good books:

This movie is all big stars, but tends to make it a "tragedy" vs. "murder."   It starts showing Randy fully in sync with his wife's fanatical views.  Books do not say this to be the case.  It shows Randy fully into the White Power movement -- not true.  It's important to note this because the key to all this is -- the Weavers didn't want to bother anyone, hurt anyone, even be bothered by anyone.

The Siege of Ruby Ridge

This is from those who believe in the New World Order.  Whilst I will admit there are conspiracies along the line of the NWO, I don't tend to go as far as them having a membership list and NWO uniforms.  But then again, you may scoff at a Zionist Plot -- but this whole mess started when the Feds set their top priority as fighting
anti-Semitism.  That sound like a good top enforcement priority for the FBI?

Ruby Ridge & FBI murder (NWO)